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★...☆...★ Beautifull Life ★...☆...★
My Sassy Girl 
10th-May-2011 10:23 pm
Yes !!!
I wanna watch again
and maybe my choice goes to this one first.... 

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I guess you already know about this movie
I never bored watching this movie
Ahahaha I really love the guy, he is damn funny LOL
It's a famous movie but I don't know there's "My Sassy Girl" in US version D:
Just watch the US version in youtube and ummm... the Korean version is better 
Sorry... but everyone have their own oppinion right?
So, don't angry if I said if Korean version is better, kay :3
It's strange to see the US version
I don't get the "feel"
well... like there's no chemistry between them
Compared with the Korean version....
ah.... Jeon Ji and Cha Tae Hyeon are great actor *thumb*
Haven't watch it yet? Go to youtube or buy the DVD
It's worth to watch it ;)
 love, esta 
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