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★...☆...★ Beautifull Life ★...☆...★
Birthday? XD 
19th-Apr-2011 09:28 pm
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Today when I had my breakfast,
my friend, eM, send me BBM

(my best friends in university usually call me with aunty XD)

When I read it I'm thinking for a while, trying to remember what time is it
What date? 
My birthday was 9 April and today is....?
Then I realize if... OMG she thought today is my birthday XD
When I said to her that it's late, she thought I'm just kidding !!
Nyahahahaha... That's why in 9 April she didn't gave me birthday wishes
The answer is because she thought my birthday is 19 April
I can't stop laugh this morning when I had a chat with her XD
Daijobu yooo eM
Eventhough it's late, I'm happy to get wishes from my beloved friend
(but I hope you will correct your birthday calender so there's no mistake again, okay? LOL) 
Love you so much, dear 
Hope this friendship never end forever :"D
p.s : good luck with your you-know-what
Wishing the best for it :)
 love, esta 
21st-Apr-2011 10:27 am (UTC)
Wahahaaa poor Em. She was mistaken 9 with 19 hihihihi
24th-Apr-2011 01:41 pm (UTC)
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